About Me

Hey there! I'm Romain, French hobbyist photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I picked up photography "for real" in 2017. I don't know what triggered me to buy an interchangeable-lens camera that year. Before that, as an avid traveller, I had been taking photos of gorgeous locations with my supbar smartphone. Despite that, people were complimenting me on my photos. So maybe it was the realization that my trips could leave such a bigger trace if I had the appropriate equipment to capture them. Or maybe it was that Japanese tourist I saw in Barcelona a few months prior, carrying 3 cameras all at once, or seeing the great photos from my photographer friend. And that's how I got my first Olympus camera, the OMD EM-5 Mark II, a vintage looking piece that suited my old soul personality.

My first trip with this new toy was a revelation. I took 1,300 photos in that first trip to Spain, though only a few dozens made it to my portfolio on this site - but dozens that I'm really proud of! I still remember the excitement of waking up before sunrise to shoot some of these magnificent Pueblos Blancos views. Having traveled to over 30 countries since I was a child, in some exotic locations that the Instagram audience can only dream of now, some could say I had become a bit jaded by travel. But this early photography foray made me truly appreciate the places I was visiting all over again, seeing them with a new eye. Patterns, light, structures and people caught my attention. And so an establishing principle of my photography is that I simply want to do justice to the place I am visiting. Travel, first and foremost, is what I want to do. My camera is here to capture those memorable moments. Which means you will hardly find me spending an hour in my local street looking to take photos of people. But you will find me in gorgeous landscapes, nature, or cities that are new to me.

I hope you will enjoy these photos as much as I had fun taking and editing them!


1) Always photograph the things I love.

2) Don't be beholden to one "style" or edit photos to make them popular on a social media platform. Compose and edit photos based on what the situation and scene require.

3) Don't buy new gear unless my current one is broken or limiting me creatively.

4) Visit at least 3 very different locations each year.