The Nature of Andalucia

The Nature of Andalucia

Exploring landscapes as varied as Andalucia's history

On top of its rich history, culture and food, Andalucia also offers a rich variety of picturesque landscapes; which the unsuspecting beach-bound tourist too often ignores. And oh boy what they are missing out on! As Paul Read writes in his humorous Andalucian memoir 'Inside the Tortilla': "Once I had broken away from the serpentine shopping mall that is unaccountably still called the Mediterranean, another country altogether could be found; one where the Iberian character had yet to succumb - or had yet to be tempted with - the fool's gold of tourism."

The Andalucian inland is sparsely visited and I had these landscapes all to myself. Some of these photos were taken on long off-the-radar hikes with no soul in sight. From the quirky rock formations of El Torcal de Antequara north of Malaga, to the sun-licked sierras, the turquoise Zahara-el Gastor reservoir, and the forest-covered mountains around Gaucin...

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