Exploring Nicaragua's colonial history, volcanoes and sunsets

These photos are from my trip to the Pacific side of Nicaragua in December 2017. We start off with León, in the north, a town famed for its many old colonial churches. Getting access to the rooftop of the cathedral at dusk (after a bit of negotiation) was a magical experience, as the sun fell and lanterns lit up. The street life in León was vibrant, as vendors stimulated my senses with all kinds of colors and smells.

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We then move south to Ometepe island in the big Cocibolca Lake, marked by two huge volcanoes. The strenuous hike up Volcan Maderas traversed a dense and misty tropical rainforest, where every branch seemed to have a character of its own and monkeys howled in the canopy. From the green slopes of Ometepe, we move to the red pit of the Masaya Volcano, then to the red sunset skies of the Playa Gigante and San Juan del Sur area, close to the Costa Rican border, where I finished my trip.